Light Painting Video

Like our photos, also our animations are produced in a strictly analogue fashion, without any digital enhancement involved. Each single frame of a clip is a one shot photograph of light graffiti made directly on location. This challenging production routine requires a high degree of patience and perfection – yet, the results are rewarding.

Talk Talk

Starwars vs. Startrek

dENIZEN shine a light for nature – Winner of the german web video award 2012

Video light painting

In the past we could only do our light painting using a still camera. Therefore it was not possible to see the painting process, just the final image. So we developed a technique to record the painting process using a video camera.
It took a while to get the best results. After experimenting for about a year we finally found the perfect setup to create video light paintings in cinema quality (4k). What you see is the pure light – no effect or computer generated animation is used. We also use this setup for our light painting Shows.