pure emotions

Nothing works for just one single reason:

an idea needs a plan to bring it to life.

A plan needs people to put it into action.

People need an idea to inspire them.

One thing you can always rely on: without light – you can’t be seen.


Creative agency for inspiration, visibility and enthusiasm

Lichtfaktor is an ideas lab for innovative showcasing, events and media installations.

We are artists, creatives and technicians and for ten years we’ve been making professional use of our extraordinary talents and appetite for the new, with great success.

We create unparalleled and unforgettable encounters that fascinate, entertain and touch the audience.

Creative Collective

Who is Lichtfaktor?

We have nine minds to think for you. We have nine right hands that can create anything for you. As it happens, even our left hands know a thing or two. We’re on 18 feet on your behalf. And we wouldn’t mind having 10 pizzas.

about us
»Working together with Lichtfaktor was a fantastic experience.«
Manuel Zagovec, TV Communication, Audi AG
»The Lichtfaktor team combines creativity, commitment and a professional approach.«
Fiona Blinzer, International Public Relations, Hansgrohe SE
»We really value their creative concepts, use of new technologies and perfectly organised execution.«
Andreas E. Lohaus, Co-Director and Managing Director of ART.FAIR International GmbH
»They created an extraordinary image gallery that focused on the AMOLED-Display, brilliantly emphasising its colour diversity and impressive contrast.«
Inga Schmandt, Samsung Electronics GmbH

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