Light Painting Photos

Innovation is our motivation
let there be light

The challenge

We develop unique light paintings and impressive campaigns that showcase a product in a powerful and energetic way. Always fresh and always different.

What we do

For more than ten years we have been involved professionally in light painting. It is the source of most innovations that we have created and the origination of Lichtfaktor.
With our exacting requirements of the paintings and light textures we have created a variety of images that have become icons of light painting and have set new standards.

»The Lichtfaktor team combines creativity, commitment and a professional approach...«
»...The unique light art imagery beautifully highlights the new freedom of movement achieved by our Hansgrohe Metris Select Kitchen Mixer.«
Fiona Blinzer, International Public Relations, Hansgrohe SE

Light is captivating and fascinating. Light makes all things visible.

Whether a studio production or a shoot on location, Lichtfaktor has brought to life countless light painting productions over the last ten years for art and advertising all over the world. Our agency has grown to be of significant stature in this field.

Why we love light painting

Painting in a three-dimensional space fascinates us time and again. It is pure magic and motivates us every single day. This fascination arises from our love of detail, which is also something that has contributed to our success. Light is our medium – and our inspiration.