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We are producers of medial and innovative productions of every size.
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Arena show - Handball CL

The opening Shows of the Champions league VELUX EHF FINAL4 were produced by Elements Entertainment, Hans-Christoph Mücke and Volker Hagen.

Lichtfaktor worked in co-production/creation on the Shows 1 & 3.
We focused on the theme of handball, the keywords Power, Passion and Teamspirit are fulminantly stage-managed.
Show concept, choreography, motion design, special designs and development of a control software – all from one hand.
With over 12,000 light cues, 100 performers, 24 free moving LED steles, Motion Capture and SlowMo recordings, we have created two 7 minute shows. A 360 ° experience that actively involves the fans.

Holo show for Siemens

We love exciting, innovative techniques. Especially when they help us make our shows more breathtaking.
The combination of holographic projection and interaction creates an incomparable and fascinating illusion. A stage production, which makes digitization a central message.
Digitized live in collaboration with Publicis Pixelpark.

Interactive staging

We produced a special production for the Bayer President’s Club Award. A large 360-degree projection with live acts became a all-round experience.
Shadow dance combined with video interaction, aerialists, different live musicians and video mapping. As a special emotional highlight the portraits of the honored guests were part of the show.
In collaboration with ries-events.

Light percussion show

A high-ranking award at the Museum for applied Art Wien was accompanied by many elements. At the center of the intro show was the journey to this special place as well as the artistic realization of the event title. An energetic prelude.

An interaction of light, percussion, video interaction and sound design. The 60m wide screen offered a special stage set.

In collaboration with creative tours + concepts and recordings of Final Dimension.

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