Let there be light!

Light painting was where we started, where we made our name. And light is still our most important material. Why? Because light is life. Because there is nothing more beautiful, more fascinating, more animating. And because all people feel drawn to it. Love, Life, Light – who could ask for anything more!

Light Painting – how it works


Each and every light painting film is an individual piece created by hand – from the development of a suitable idea, through days of production at the desired location, to finalisation from hundreds of individual images. And this really pays off! Trade fair films, TV adverts or YouTube hits for viral marketing – light painting films are unforgettable.


Powerful, colourful, full of energy – images painted with light give print campaigns a unique radiance. Light paintings are fresh, modern and imaginative. They also reach out to people who’ve seen it all before. And the effect is the same worldwide – we’ve been seeing it now for ten years.


Light painting is always fascinating – but when it’s live it’s breath-taking. To do this, our unique artists use programmable light sources that we develop exclusively ourselves. We have the light and the imagination – you have the logos and slogans. Together we can mesmerise the public.


Light is essential – it can showcase anything and everything. So what are you imagining? What are you dreaming of? What would you like to show in a new light? Who needs their presence illuminated? Talk to us – we will enlighten you.

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