Interactive Installations

We love to be interactive. We create any kind of custom immersive media installation for promotions and exhibitions that entertain, fascinate and communicate. We develop custom interactive media installations for events, exhibitions and point of sale activations.


At the opening of the Vodafone flagship store in Cologne, we were asked to orchestrate a fascinating interactive experience on a huge media wall. With our partners “demodern” we developed a gaming experience that challanged visitors to win a smartphone by beating the highscore. The extraordinary gaming experience was due to the fact that the well-known game “The Incredibles” could be played by body gestures of the participants. Several Kinect-sensors extracted jump and run gestures from the body movements of the gamers.

The car company Smart asked us to create a live communications interpretation of their current campaign orchestrating the look&feel of their “urban living” motto. We developed a concept that incorporated video mapping, a handmade stage scenery with the car as the star of the show as well as a photo booth application. At the “Art.Fair” – trade fair for contemporary arts – the interactive installation attracted many visitors who were invited to become part of the scenery. Their photo portraits were video-mapped onto the car adapting to the specific look&feel of the Smart campaign. The overall scenery resulted in an artistic and individual giveaway that was handed out to the guests instantly. A fascinating live branded entertainment experience.