Event Shows, Light Painting and Media Art

LICHTFAKTOR Portfolio – See our work. Some of the best light painting videos/photos, media art, projection mapping and event performances we have done so far

  • Winner of the German Webvideo Award 2012

    LabNews, Light Painting Video
    Our Shine a light Nature Video has won both, Jury and Audience German Webvideo Award 2012 in the category AAA (Acedemy Approved Art). Thank you very much!

  • Luminale 2012 – Urban Video Painting

    Highlight, PaintingStation
    Luminale 2012 – Urban Video Painting
    Interactive Urban Video Painting at the Luminale 2012 in Frankfurt, a great experience for the audience and the participants.

  • American Honey PhotoStation

    Photos from our PhotoStation for American Honey.

  • Big in Japan Exhibition at ArtyFarty

    Big in Japan Exhibition at ArtyFarty
    A great selection of lichtfaktor artwork ranging from light painting, graphics, illustration and paintings to 3d-Mapping.

  • Daniel Lisson’s MonsterShow

    Highlight, Photos
    A great selection of light paintings by the Original Monster Designer Daniel Lisson.

  • Lichtfaktor at Bombay Techfest 2012


  • Beck’s PhotoStation

    Photos from our PhotoStation for Beck's at the Rock im Park and the Hurricane Festival, it was the most colourful, craziest and loudest PhotoStation ever!

  • Friday Lights 2012

    520x210 2.versuch.cdr

  • Ben.Da: goes Light Painting

    Here are the first light painting pictures of our friend Ben.Da: a great illustrator from Cologne Germany, more to come.

  • Urban Video Painting by Sara Otterstaetter

    Urban Video Painting by Sara Otterstaetter

  • PhotoStation for Abbott

    Highlight, PhotoStation
    These light painting photos were taken in Saudi Arabia for Abbott.

  • Adam and Eva Award 2011

    Highlight, Light Painting Video, Show
    Adam&Eva Award 2011
    Adam & Eva Award 2011 in Mannheim, we did two light art performances, our light painting PhotoStation and all the visual content

  • Darkest Hour

    Light Painting Video
    Darkest Hour
    Light painting fan film for Darkest Hour was shot in three nights in Berlin. It was great fun, it's the first time that people get killed by light in our films.

  • Car Painting Performance

    Our PaintingStation lets us paint live on any kind of object. It can be a car or a building. It is an highly interactive installation that is fun to play with.

  • Trauma / Face your Fears

    Light Painting Video
    Trauma / Face your Fears
    This light painting video is about trauma and the effects of traumatisation.

  • Light Painting Show

    Highlight, Photos, PhotoStation, Show
    Lichtfaktor vs Breakdance
    We got the chance to show our whole range of light art at a Event in Berlin for AachenMünchener and Deutsche Vermögensberatung.

  • Architecture Painting

    Architecture Painting
    We did our first Architecture Painting at the “Lichterloh Festival 2011″, we had a great time.

  • Light Painting on Objects

    With our Software we can paint with light on any kind of object or sculpture. Even use of a flash is possible as any light sources will be exposed to the object.

  • BayWa

    Light Painting Video
    We did this light painting video together with Axel and Fred Baur in Bavaria for BayWa a Renewable Energy Producer.

  • Alu Rheinfelden at GIFA

    We did some lightpaintings for the Alu Rheinfelden Webshop and a LICHTFAKTOR PhotoStation at the GIFA International Trade Fair. Special thanks to the...

  • dENIZEN – shine a light for nature

    Light Painting Video
    dENIZEN shine a light for nature light painting video
    This light painting Video for dENIZEN has won the German Web Video Award 2012 in the Jury and Audience Price category AAA (Academy Approved Art).

  • KDB

    Light Painting Video
    We did this light painting commercial in Korea for the Korean Development Bank.


    Light Painting Video
    We did this light writing advertisement for a local energy provider. What makes it so special is that all light paintings are done by citizens of Düsseldorf.

  • NGK Nuerburgring

    We did this light painting picture for NGK Nuerburgring Grand Prix race track as a Limited Art Print.

  • Rheinfall Festival

    Light Painting Video
    Rheinfall Festival
    We did some pictures and a short light painting video at a real magical place, the mighty Rheinfall.

  • Stimmenfestival

    Light Painting Video
    Sponsoring trailer from German energy provider badenova for music festival Stimmen.

  • O2 “Highlights”

    We did a big catalogue of letters and pictograph's for the new O2 Campaign.

  • CPD Illuminating Woman

    These light painting pictures are done for the CPD International Fashion Fair.

  • Pulsmacher Anniversary

    Light Painting Video
    We did this light writing video for the 10th anniversary of Pulsmacher a great agency and friends. All the best for the future!

  • Lenovo Edge

    Light Painting Video
    Lenovo Edge
    Check out our new light painting video for Lenovo China.

  • TalkTalk Brighter

    Light Painting Video
    TalkTalk Brighter
    Talk Talk Commercial by Noah Harris - Blink Ink. Johannesburg, July 2009. It was the biggest production ever with the very best of light painting.

  • Forest

    Light Painting Video
    Light Painting in Nature 01
    This light painting video by LICHTFAKTOR, is the first one done in nature, we did it in the forests of the High Fens in Belgium.

  • Paddington London – Light Painting Photos

    These light writing photos are done for Land Securities, special thanks to Muireann Sheahan from 300million.

  • Desperados – Light Painting Photos

    Mise en page 1
    Light Painting Photos for Desperados. Thanks to Sébastien MERIGOUT from Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett, Paris and Desperados.

  • Speedo – Light Painting

    Thanks to Des Willie and Simon Corkin the genius from Pentland for all there help and support.

  • Ars Electronica

    Light Painting Video, Show, Workshop
    Ars Electronica 02
    We did different activities (light painting video, video-diary, workshops) for the topping-out ceremony of the new ARS Electronica Builings (Future Museum).

  • traffic – Light Painting Photos

    This is “traffic” by LICHTFAKTOR, we did this light painting photos for m-real. Thanks to Conor Evers for all his help and support.

  • sprint – Light Painting Photos

    Have a look at the making of sprint and how we've created the Light Painting Photos. Thanks to Ron Eshel, Continuum, Q.A.S. Productions inc. and Sprint...

  • Blue Peter

    Light Painting Video
    Lichtfaktor have teamed up with legendary UK children’s show Blue Peter to create a new light writing video - The very angry caterpillar.

  • The long night of scientific research

    Light Painting Video
    Lange Nacht der Forschung
    We did an update of The long night of scientific research project, there are new scenes in the video and a bunch of new pictures.


    Light Painting Video
    BEKO All Stars Light Painting 03
    This is our first light painting tv advertisement, we did it for BEKO ALL-STAR in Istanbul. Special thanks to Eran Hakim and Cahit Binici from Sportsnet...

  • Star Wars vs. StarTrek

    Highlight, Light Painting Video
    Light Painting Starwars vs Startrek 01
    Our most famous light painting video we have done. It was shot for sky movies in London and got over a million views.