Adam&Eva Award 2011

Dec 24, 2011
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Here is some stuff that we did at the Adam&Eva Award 2011 in Mannheim, we did two light art performances, our Photo Shooting and all the visual content.
We created some awesome light paintings by using our custom lightwriting software in combination with the video object mapping done by Studio Farbraum. The Adam&Eva Award is the biggest and most important Event&Exhibition Award in Germany.

For more information Check:

It has been a lot of fun to make this happen.
Special thanks to the guys from Studio Farbraum, Vogelsänger & Famab!

Darkest Hour – Light Painting Video

Dec 20, 2011
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Lichtfaktor did this fan film for “Darkest Hour” in three nights in Berlin. It was great fun, there were no flowers and it’s the first time that people get killed by light in our films. Big respect to Anne Bombien and the two actors: Caroline Warluks and Hauke Pengel. The fantastic documentation is done by Kai Klinke aka