#Photo Booth

creative incentive activities and give aways

With our photo booths we have developed unique incentive modules that are highly entertaining and offer great branding possibilities. Your guests are able to participate on a creative level and they receive a first-rate branded memento that communicates your message.

Our unique photo activities

everything is possible
light painting photobox 001
Light Painting Photo Booth

In just a few seconds we create premium light painting portraits of your guests. All images are created live - each photo is an original!

Multi Kamera Shot mit light painting
Light Painting Bullet Time Shooting

This perfect symbiosis of creative light painting and state-of-the-art photo technology leads to stunning 3D animations around your guests.

Luma Paint Interactive Light Graffiti

Interactive light painting fun for everyone.
Whether as a doodle wall, team building activity or live graffiti performance - everything is possible.


Innovative photo booth – how it works


Put your guests in the center of the action! We can provide unique incentive modules that spark enthusiasm and encourage people to join.


This is your event, so it should be obvious! We integrate your look and brand communication. Make it yours.


A picture paints a thousand words! Wow your guests with high-quality photo printouts and multiple social sharing options.

There is no business as usual

Boost your brand awareness! Our photo booth enlivens every event while providing special interaction with your guests. Give them long-lasting memories that communicate your message.

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